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Discern Earth

An introduction.


My name is David Valerio and this is Discern Earth, a media project that seeks to understand why nature and climate professionals do what they do. In the podcast, I will interview friends and colleagues who work in the industry to understand their motivations for doing so. In the newsletter, I will write about my own views on how to engage in this work well.

Why am I doing this? Because currently there isn’t a place for people who work in nature and climate to explore the deeper questions that underly their everyday work. There is a lot of discussion about what we should do to save the planet and how we should do it, but there is not a lot of discussion about why we should do anything at all. To ask why is inherently a philosophical, spiritual, and religious question — one that science or business are unable to answer on their own. It is important that we know why we care so that what we do actually addresses the problem we are trying to solve.

I’m excited to have you as a member of the Discern Earth ecosystem and I invite you to share the newsletter and podcast with friends who might enjoy exploring these ideas with us. If you want to come on the podcast for a conversation, have an idea for something I should write about in the newsletter, or just want to chat you can shoot me an email at david@discern.earth.

I’m looking forward to discerning Earth with you, and we’ll talk soon!

Discern Earth
Discern Earth
Cultivating conversation at the intersection of faith, nature, and climate.
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